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How to Use QuickBooks POS Software More Effectively

Increase the productivity of your business, by contacting QuickBooks POS Support Phone Number +1-844-232-0202

QuickBooks is one of the most reliable accounting software. It has provided all together with a new platform for the accountant and business owners. The software has simplified the much complex task of your business finance. The software comes with learning curve. The application has multiple versions in its bucket. Out of all QuickBooks POS is the demand of the market.

The QuickBooks POS is a wonderful inventory management application which is smartly designed to carry everyday activity of SMEs. So, if you are looking for valuable information for this amazing application, contact our QuickBooks POS Support.

Here are few tips that will help you in utilizing the application more efficiently:

Select The Version According to your business: The software is divided into 3 versions i.e. Basic, Pro, and Multi-store. All versions have their own key role to be played in the market.

  • The basic version has some of the basic but amazing features, it is used by small industries, whose operating area is small
  • The Pro version is more upgraded and has more benefits than basic
  • The multi-store is highly upgraded and has some of the expensive features of POS. Its features covers the entire features of the above two mentioned versions. This application is generally used by large business corporations.

Start using Short-cut keys from the keyboard

The application is designed user-friendly that makes it more simple to use. Start taking advantage of the short-cut key, such as:

  • Ctrl + I = Create Invoice
  • Ctrl + E= Edit Transaction
  • Ctrl + F= Find Transaction
  • Ctrl-J – Open Customer Center
  • Ctrl-M – Memorize transaction or report
  • Ctrl-N – New invoice, bill, check, or list item in context
  • Ctrl-Q – a quick report of transactions for each item in a list

There are many short-cut keys.

Make Proper Utilization of QuickBooks POS features

There are number features that can be availed by you, such as:

  • Seamless Syncing
  • Automate routine task
  • Easily manage your inventory
  • Always prepare you for the tax time
  • Integrate banks with QuickBooks accounting software

Whether you are a business owner or an accountant you can use these tips to take best advantage of QuickBooks POS accounting software. And, if you want to learn more, call our QuickBooks Support Phone Number +1-844-232-0202 . The pro-advisors will help you in getting complete resolution.

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