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QuickBooks Payroll Products – Making the Proper Selection

QuickBooks Payroll Support Phone Number +1-844-232-0202 assist their users to know more about the services of QuickBooks payroll.

It wouldn’t be wrong, if I say that QuickBooks payroll is confusing, so is the work of payroll. Whether you want to work payroll on desktop or on cloud, there are hosting options for you and your clients. Without any doubt, QuickBooks is a heavily used package by consumer, bookkeeper, accountant, and many other. The QuickBooks payroll offers three services or products for the people who are using the desktop version: Payroll Basic, Enhanced, and Assisted or Full Service. All these three services have their own role and some of the common services such as: calculate paychecks and payroll taxes.

Here in this blog, we will understand their role. This will help our reader to make the right selection of the product. But, before knowing more about the products, first let’s understand the basic concept of payroll. For more information, you can call at QuickBooks Payroll Support Phone Number +1-844-232-0202

What is QuickBooks Payroll?

Payroll is defined as the total amount of wages paid by a company to its employees and other workers. Your company’s payroll may be the largest business expense, and processing payroll is complicated.  You need to collect tax withholdings from employee pay, insurances premium, and many more. There are major benefits that can be enjoyed by the users, while managing their payroll. The QuickBooks accounting software has made some major changes in its application, so that their users can enjoy the benefits.

Payroll Services:

The QuickBooks payroll services assist their clients with multiple services. Now, have a look at the products:

  • QuickBooks Payroll Basic
  • QuickBooks Payroll Enhanced
  • QuickBooks Payroll Assisted or Full Service

When to use QuickBooks Basic Payroll

The role of the following product is similar to its name. The QuickBooks desktop basic payroll is designed for business owners, who just want to create paychecks, calculate payroll taxes, and send direct deposits. The application is a paramount option for the companies who are able to prepare their own tax form such as 940, W-2, and send their own payroll taxes.

Features of QuickBooks Basic Payroll

Create paychecks: Calculates gross pay for both hourly and regular employees based on hours worked.

Direct deposit: Submit direct deposit payments with zero additional charge.

Employee benefits: You can enjoy; sick and vacation time, track paid time off, and track deductions for insurance benefits and retirement plans.

Payroll tax reports: Generate complete reports for federal and state payroll taxes.

Payroll tax forms: Prepare your own federal and state payroll tax forms outside of QuickBooks. It does not include tax form, unlike other payroll products.

E-pay: You have to arrange tax payments for federal and state payroll taxes outside of QuickBooks.

When to use QuickBooks Enhanced Payroll?

The QuickBooks Enhanced Payroll provides complete payroll features for those who want to run payroll in-house. Additionally, it is similar to basic payroll and also helps its users in preparing federal and state payroll tax forms. The users can save huge time by updating the following product. Let’s have a look at the missing features.

Features of QuickBooks Enhanced Payroll

  • It includes electronic payment of state and federal payroll taxes
  • Helps in preparing e-file federal and state payroll tax forms such a 940, 941, W-2, and 1099-MISC
  • The software gets integrated with QuickBooks online
  • The software gets integrated with QuickBooks desktop
  • Job costing and Class tracking
  • The best part, it helps in running the payroll within QuickBooks
  • Other features such as:
    • Create paychecks
    • Direct deposit
    • Employee benefits
    • Payroll tax reports are all similar to basic payroll

When to use QuickBooks Assisted or Full Service Payroll?

The QuickBooks desktop Assisted Full Service Payroll, role is similar to its name. It provides complete service to small and medium-sized businesses that outsource their payroll. The product help the accountant to paychecks, direct deposits, payroll tax form, and send payroll tax deposits from your behalf. The product ensures to make zero human error. Now, let’s have a look at the features:

Features of QuickBooks Assisted or Full Service Payroll

  • Access professionally prepared federal and state payroll tax forms such as 940, 941, W-2, and 1099 (Note: this feature is available only with Assisted Full Service Payroll)
  • It includes electronic payment of state and federal payroll taxes
  • The Payroll accounting, chart of accounts, and reports are set up for you by the professional experts.
  • Enjoy your work with avoid penalties with the no-penalty guarantee included with Assisted Full Service Payroll. The software ensures that guarantees payroll tax forms are prepared accurately and filed on time.
  • You can enjoy the benefit of Enhanced payroll service also

Hopefully, the blog has provided sufficient information that will help you in making the correct choice. For more information, call us at QuickBooks Support Phone Number +1-844-232-0202 .

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