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The QuickBooks helpline number +1 (877) 343-4393 is the best place to fix all the issues. The dedicated professionals are ready to remove accounting glitches from the root

QuickBooks Helpline Number:+1 (877) 343-4393

QuickBooks software is well-updated according to the requirement of the market. The developers of the application keep themselves updated with the ongoing changes. Recently the application has updated latest feature, link existing customer and products between QuickBooks Online and Dynamics. Today we will understand a brief about this newly updated feature.

InoLink has a great feature named as ‘Link Existing Customer’ and ‘Link Existing Product’. While using this feature user can link the entire existing customer and products between the two systems i.e. Dynamics 365 and QuickBooks Online. There was a time when you were managing both the application manually. But that time has gone, you don’t have to do that anymore.

With the help of the current version you can link all your accounts and contacts records between the two systems hassle-free. Once you have completed the configuration of accounting company in dynamics CRM using InoLink. You will see a new page. Now, let’s have a look at the page so that you can have an idea all about the application.

Feature of Link Existing Customer

  1. Look for Option: The Look for option is a drop-down menu that has only 2 options i.e. Account, and Contact. Select the option depending on the record that you want to synchronize.
  2. Use saved View Option: This option has a list of My Active Account. You can view your Dynamics 365 CRM and select your relevant entity such as:
    1. Service Account
    2. Linked Account
    3. Accounts Open Balance
    4. My Connection
    5. Customer Accounts
    6. Vendors
    7. Accounts Being followed and many more
  3. Show Option: It is the last option. Here you can select the type of records that need to be displayed. In the following option if you select ‘All Records’ then it will display linked as well as unlinked records between both the systems. Now, you select linked records, and then only the linked records will be visible in both the system.

The link existing as a button below in the system named as ‘Smart Match’. By clicking on this button all the records will be matched automatically between both the systems.

Hopefully, the blog has helped you in understanding the latest feature of the application. You can contact the QuickBooks Technical support Phone Number +1 (877) 343-4393 team to know more about this feature.

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