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Step-by-Step guide to Resolve QuickBooks Error 5502

Get step-by-step solution to resolve QuickBooks Error 5502. Call us at QuickBooks Desktop Support Phone Number +1-844-232-0202 for technical help.

QuickBooks Desktop Support Phone Number:+1-844-232-0202

QuickBooks is one of the dominating accounting software programs that have multiple features such as updated inventory, user-friendly application, and more. Like other software’s, QuickBooks is also not far away from technical hitches. There are various errors and issues in the application and one such is error 5502. This error occurs while storing data in bookkeeping application. It comes with an error message stating:

  • “Sync is not completed properly”
  • “QuickBooks data has been uploaded but failed to connect via the server”

What are the Reasons for QuickBooks Error 5502?

Error 5502 is not among the list of those errors that effects the application badly but it can hamper your workflow. There are various reasons that led to this error; the main reasons are listed below:

  • Issues in online service
  • Alteration in the information of QuickBooks company file
  • Wrongly renamed the application

As we have mentioned the reasons for the cause of the error. Although the error can stagnate your work but can easily be fixed by following the guidelines provided by our experts.  There are various step-by-step guidelines that help in resolving the issue. Now let’s have a look at the steps:

Resolve QuickBooks Error 5502 with QuickBooks Desktop Support Phone Number +1-844-232-0202

Step 1: Create New Folder and Copy the File

  • Paste the company in the new folder that you have created in the C drive
  • Change the extension and rename QBM file
  • Open the folder and save the files
  • Open the application and restore the transportable file
  • Now rename the (.QBB) files that are not opening
  • In case you are unable to rename them, install the latest version of Sync Manager

Step 2: Rename .ND File

  • Move to the folder where the company file is located
  • Search the file that has .ND extension
  • Select rename from the drop-down menu
  • Now, rename the file by adding .OLD at the end of the name
  • In case you are trying to open the company file over the network then use QuickBooks Database Server Manager and rescan your file.

Step 3: Rescan QuickBooks Database Server Manager

  • Open the database manager
  • Select add the folder from the folder list
  • Select the folder where the application is stored
  • Now, click on Scan
  • Open the file after the completion of scanning

Contact QuickBooks Desktop Support

However, by following the steps, you are unable to resolve the problems. Call us at QuickBooks Support Phone Number +1-844-232-0202 and get best solution.

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