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What are the Steps to Install Physical Inventory Scanner in QuickBooks POS?

Learn the steps to install physical inventory scanner in QuickBooks POS, call QuickBooks Customer Support Number 1-800-311-5657. The pro-advisors will guide you in getting immediate set up of the kit.

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The introduction of QuickBooks software was done so that the management and financial fraternity can handle their bookkeeping business actively. The software was updated timely, according to the requirement of the business. The software is divided into few versions namely, QuickBooks Pro, POS, Payroll, Enterprises, and so on. These versions are designed according to the business requirement and are updated timely. The POS version was introduced to track the inventory of the product, majorly used in the retail department.

The recent introduction of POS scanner is dominating the market. The scanner is portable and can easily scan the barcodes. It takes just few minutes in uploading all the records and inventory of the data.

Are you searching for the experts that can help you in setting up your Physical Inventory Scanner in QuickBooks POS? Here in this blog, we will discuss the installation process of the inventory scanner.

Set Up Of Physical Inventory Scanner


  • This activity has to be done when you have shut down your application
  • The scanner comes with rechargeable batteries. Hence, you can even read the instruction to recharge the battery and scanner
    • Fix one of the power cord into plug and other into the hardware
    • Now fix the end of the USB cable into Physical Inventory Scanner
    • Insert the batter into the scanner and turn on the devices

Steps to Set-up QuickBooks Point of Sale (POS) Physical Inventory Scanner Installation

Before, moving forward with the steps, those who are not interested in reading the blog can contact the experts. The experts will help you while installing the tool. Rest can read the steps till the end, and follow the sequences. This helps them in installing the scanner hassle-free.

Have a look at the steps that will help you in installing the scanner and required software:

  • Open your CD-ROM
  • Place the CD drive of QuickBooks POS into the CD-ROM tray
  • After the CD is inserted in the tray a pop-up message appears on your desktop
  • Now, if you receive a message regarding the installation of the software, click on ‘Cancel Button’
  • Now, you are required to launch the QuickBooks Point of Sale by clicking on the setup button
  • On the Menu tab option click on Setup Wizard
  • Follow the instructions that are mentioned on the screen
  • Click on Next option, and wait for the final prompt
  • Now, as you receive a prompt which asks you to add the tool
  • Quickly, attach the physical inventory scanner and continue your work

Hopefully, by going through the above-mentioned points, you are now able to attach the tool in you system. In case you face any problem or need any help with the installation process dial our toll free QuickBooks Technical Support Phone Number 1-800-311-5657. Your call will be directly received by the experts. They are available around the clock to help their users.

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