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How to Import Transactions into QuickBooks Online Step-by-Step Guide

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Are you a new user of QuickBooks accounting software? Are you planning to download past transactions into it? Well, you have reached the right blog page. Those you are regular users of QuickBooks might already be aware of the importance of this tool that makes the transactions easier. The tool also provides smooth import of the transactions.

Let’s start the process, but before proceeding make sure that you have online banking ID and password of your bank account. Remember these are the important information that is required while setting up your bank account in QuickBooks.

Steps to Import Transactions into QuickBooks

Step 1: Locate your bank

The first and foremost step is to search your bank account from QuickBooks menu. Now, follow the steps:

  • Now, in the search option enter your bank name
  • And from the list of the bank select your respective bank

Step 2: Sign in to the bank account

  • As you open your bank, the first page that appears is the login page
  • Now enter your online banking ID and password, with this you get an immediate access to the bank
  • The tool might take time to connect to your bank, as it depends on the number of accounts you have

Step 3: Select the Bank Account

The tool will show the entire list bank account that you have. All you have to do is connect the bank that you want to use with QuickBooks.

  • Now click on any row and select the bank that you want to connect
  • From the drop-down menu choose the bank account. You can even add more accounts that do not exist in the list

Step 4: Select the Correct Data Range

  • You can only download the transactions till 90 days
  • You can reduce the date range by selecting the time period

Step 5: Easily connect you bank account

  • Before moving ahead, verify the account through which you want to import transactions into QuickBooks online


  • Only after clicking on the connect button, all your transactions will be downloaded automatically
  • Once you have completed the downloading process, you cannot undo

After completing the process, remember to select the right bank and review every transaction before making final call.

In case you are unable to follow any single step, contact QuickBooks Phone Number Support +1-844-232-0202 . The technical experts will help you in getting an immediate solution.

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