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Latest Features Updated in QuickBooks Payroll

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QuickBooks payroll is one of the most useful accounting payroll services for SMEs. It has some of the amazing features that simplify your business. We all know that QuickBooks update its software on timely basis. With its amazing features the productivity of the company increases automatically. The software is replaced with its latest version, which is supported by some of the astonishing features.

In this blog, we discuss majorly on 2 features that are available to the users. Without any doubt, the new update feature can be used as a standalone payroll. The users can even integrate it as an add-on feature with QuickBooks online. The features of payroll, work as the backbone for business owners. There is a famous saying very good thing comes in a small packet, but it lacks in certain areas such as flexibility.

Understanding QuickBooks Payroll

Before discussing the features, first let’s understand the concept of QuickBooks payroll. This might not be necessary that those who are reading this blog must be aware of payroll services.

The QuickBooks payroll subscription is activated by the users to enable payroll services. Depending on your business requirement, you can choose from basic, Enhanced or assisted payroll.

Remember, these services do not work in Mac. The software helps you in completing multiple tasks such as: automatic tax calculation, payroll tax form, direct deposit for employees and many more.

To activate the services in QuickBooks desktop, follow the steps:

  • Click on Employees
  • My payroll services
  • Manage Service key

In manage service key window, find the payroll service name in the Service name list.

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Features of QuickBooks Payroll

As said above, QuickBooks has updated there two features, that are: Multistep Setup and Revised Tax tables. These features have been recently updated and are designed to make the work more convenient. These updates are done automatically as soon as you are available over the internet. Let’s have a look at the benefits that can be utilized:

Tax Table Update

QuickBooks Desktop payroll provides an update to its subscriber. These updates provide accurate calculation and rates for support states and federal tax tables. It is important to update with the latest version, as it ensures that your payroll has correct information. The recently updated version is payroll update (21909)

Steps to update Payroll Tax Table (Online)

  • Click on Employees menu
  • Select Get Payroll Updates
  • Put a check in the Download Entire Update checkbox
  • Select Download Latest Update
  • A window appears when the download is complete

Steps to update Payroll Tax Table (CD)

  • Insert payroll update CD
  • Click on Employees menu
  • Select Get Payroll Updates
  • Now, select install update from Disk
  • Click on Browse, in the install from window, select the CD drive from the drop-down menu
  • Select update.dat, from Payroll Update Disk
  • Click on Open, select Ok
  • The system will verify the location and will even confirm whether the version in the new field is correct
  • Select Install and read the message and click Ok

The feature has improved:

  • By adding paid family leaves
  • Create payroll items for moving expenses
  • Federal Payroll, and more

Multistep Setup

To survive in market it is important to keep an eye on your competitors. Hence, QuickBooks is nowhere behind, QuickBooks also offers Multistep Setup guide, unlike its competitors.

Earlier you need to provide the information about the business and any last payroll. Next, you connect the account to the site that will pay the employee compensation and payroll taxes. This process consumes maximum time. QuickBooks payroll has divided the major services in three sections, handy by clicking on tabs:

  • Employment: The section Employment provides information such as hire date and work location
  • Profile: In profile, you need to add contact information
  • Pay: In pay section, you enter all the information that is mentioned in profile and employment tabs. Now, select the date of payment and how often you want to pay. Select the payment as per the working hours. You can also pay for overtime, vacation pay, sick pay, etc. This section needs to fill carefully as you need to take care of deduction.

Hopefully, by reading the blog, you have grabbed sufficient knowledge regarding the features. In case you face any problem, you can reach us by calling QuickBooks Support Phone Number +1-800-311-5657. The customer support team will assist you.

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