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Expert Solution to Resolve Updating QuickBooks Enterprise Issue

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With QuickBooks software, you can manage your accounting business efficiently. While installing or updating the version of QuickBooks, you may have faced technical glitches. Here in this blog, we will discuss the solutions to resolve the issue faced while updating QuickBooks Enterprise.

While updating the QuickBooks Enterprise software, you may have faced some technical issues stating a message:

  • “Sorry, it looks like you need a subscription to install QuickBooks Desktop
  • Sorry, we need to verify your subscription before installing QuickBooks Desktop
  • We are sorry, it looks like you need a subscription to start using QuickBooks Desktop”

In case you are working on a network and the error is occurring on a particular system then there are chances that the issue is related to windows user. There are multiple reasons due to which the following error is occurring while installing the application. Below, I have mentioned some of the possible reasons that can bring that situation when you face these issues:

  • Problem related to a particular workstation
  • Problem related to a particular window user
  • Some other application might be hindering between QuickBooks installation process
  • Slow internet connection
  • The setting of firewall might be blocking the QuickBooks Process
  • Problem with Microsoft .NET Framework
  • The subscription of the application might have lapsed

These are some of the possible reasons that origin the error. In case you want to resolve the error manually then we recommend you to read the entire blog simultaneously. These steps will help in complete resolution. Those, who are not interested in reading the blog, can dial QuickBooks 24/7 Support Phone Number +1-844-232-0202 . The experts will help you in getting an immediate solution.

Note: Are you using QuickBooks 2016 version and trying to update with the latest feature and facing this issue? If so, is the case then it’s a serious issue, as you know that 2016 version will get disconnected from 31st May 2019. It is important for all the users to update their application to the latest release because after the provided date you won’t be able to enjoy the services. For more information contact our technical support team, by dialing the provided number.

Solutions to Resolve the Error

Follow the steps to get resolve the issue faced while installing the application.

Solution 1:  Use QuickBooks Install Diagnostic or QuickBooks File Doctor Tool

The functions of both the tools are same. These tools can resolve almost all the major issues related to QuickBooks installation. With the help of this tool, you resolve the issues such as: Microsoft.NET, MSXML, and C++ with a single click. Follow these steps, in order to resolve the issues.

  • Download the QuickBooks Install Diagnostic tool in your system
  • Save the download file on desktop and perform clean installation of the tool
  • Use the task manager to end all the processes that are running in the background
  • Click on Run button and start scanning
  • As the process gets completed, reboot the system
  • Try to install the software again to check whether the error persists or not.

Solution 2: Change the Setting of Internet Explorer

  • Open Internet Explorer
  • Move to the tools > Click Internet Options
  • Click on Advanced tab and then select Reset or Restore Defaults
  • Click on Apply
  • Click on OK to save changes

Solution 3: Install Certificates

Users of Internet Explorer:

  • Open Internet Explorer by clicking on Tools and then on Internet Options
  • Click on Content tab  and then click on Certificates
  • Click on Symantec Class 3 Server CA – G4 from intermediate certification authorities tab
  • Click on View Certificate and then click on Install

Users of Google Chrome:

  • Click on padlock icon from the address bar
  • Click on view certificates
  • Click on Symantec Class 3 Server CA – G4 from certification path
  • Click on view certificate
  • Select install certificate and it will open the Import wizards
  • Select Import as default option
  • As you receive a message stating  import was successful, click on Ok
  • Close the certificate window and try to install the application again.

Solution 4: Manually disable antivirus and firewall software

  • From the bottom right corner of your system click on the antivirus icon from the system tray
  • Right-click on the icon and click on Disable
  • Now, update the application to check whether the issue is resolved or not

All the above-provided solution will help you in resolving the problem. In case you keep on facing the issue or have any other doubt in any of the step, call us at QuickBooks 24/7 Support Phone Number +1-844-232-0202 . The technicians will help you in resolving the issue instantly.

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